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Article 1 – Scope

The present terms and conditions (the ‘GTU’) govern the relationship between you and THE LOVE PRODUCERS (trading under the name of 21st Century Boy) in relation to the access, the use, the consultation and any other operation on or with the website www.mustiimusic.com (hereunder ‘the Website’), as well as to all documents, information and services accessible on the Website, without prejudice of the applicable legislation.


By connecting to the Website, including any sub-sites using its interface and its functions, you expressly acknowledge that you have read and perfectly understood the presents GTU. By accessing and surfing on this Website, you accept in full the terms of the GTU and commit to respect them. If you do not want to comply without limitation with these GTU, you are requested to disconnect from the Website. 


THE LOVE PRODUCER (hereunder ‘21ST CENTURY BOY’) is free to carry out any modification, alteration or addition to the GTU, at any given moment, and such changes shall apply with immediate effect. You must ensure that you are familiar with the most recent version of the GTU each time you visit the Website.


These GTU constitute and express the complete agreement between you and
21ST CENTURY BOY regarding your use of the Website. Any other agreement, verbal or written, existing previously between the various parties is superseded by the GTU.


Article 2 – General conditions

This Website, its content and its address are published and made available online by:
21ST CENTURY BOY SRL, with offices located rue de la Glacière 21 at 1060 Brussels,
Belgium, registered under Belgian company number 0899.146.151. 


The Website is hosted on Monarobase whose servers are located in France. 


The Website is accessible without any form of guarantee.
You use the Website and any related sites at your own and sole risk.


Every care is taken in the building of the Website. However, 21ST CENTURY BOY cannot guarantee, amongst others:

  • the absence of errors in the functionalities offered on the Website;
  • the absence of any interruptions in the operation of the Website;
  • the immediate correction of any faults;
  • the absence of viruses or any other harmful elements;
  • the absence of errors in information provided on the Website.


21ST CENTURY BOY assumes no liability in the case of damages caused by events including, among others, an interruption, a fault or a delay in operations or transmissions, a computer virus, or any similar technical problem, a network fault or for any other reason whilst using the Website or its content.


21ST CENTURY BOY manages the content of the Website freely and independently. In particular, it may henceforth, without prior notice:

  • suspend or cancel access to all or part of the Website;
  • modify or delete information, contents and services available on the Website;
  • modify the presentation of the Website, as well as its structure and section headings.


It will not be held liable for any damage resulting of the use of the Website and of the Internet network, such as data loss, computer intrusion, viruses or any involuntarily problems. 


By using the Website, you guarantee that you have the capacity and the suitable hardwares and softwares for a safe use of the Website and, more broadly, of the Internet. You are aware and undertake in full awareness the characteristics of the Internet and of its use, notably the limitations related to the technical performances, to the response time and to the risks related to the communication security. 


Article 3 – Intellectual property


The Website, its content and all other material and components of the Website such as texts, songs, clips,  graphics, interfaces, photographs, logotypes, patterns, fonts, drawings, databases, brand names, artist name, motto, domain names, music, source code, sound and visual excerpts, including the design, structure, expression and general impression of the Website (hereafter collectively referred to as ‘the Content’), are and remain the exclusive property of 21ST CENTURY BOY and are controlled by 21ST CENTURY BOY or by the relevant eligible parties. This Content is protected by the Book XI of the Belgian Economy Code (in particular Titles 4, 5, 6 and 7) and by the European directives and international treaties in force. 


The Content may not be used in any other ways than those specifically authorised or required by navigation on the Website.


In particular, it is strictly forbidden, without prior written authorisation from 21ST CENTURY BOY, to reproduce, to download (even if this is technically possible), to modify, to adapt, to use, to translate, to broadcast, to communicate to the general public, to decompile, to disassemble, to market or to make available all or part of the Content of the Website, for whatever purpose and by whatever means, permanently or temporarily, including for non-profit-making purposes.


Unless expressly authorized by 21ST CENTURY BOY on the Website, you may not download, copy, reproduce, communicate or circulate, in any way whatsoever, information accessible on this Website onto a social network (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.), onto a blog, forum or platform, onto any other Internet website or medium accessible to the general public, regardless of whether or not it be for commercial purposes.


All unauthorised use of the Content constitutes amongst others a copyright infringement and may give rise to civil or criminal legal proceedings and to the payment of damages.


Article 4 – Respect of the Website and of the Internet network


You agree to refrain from committing or neglecting to carry out acts which aim to, or which would, either directly or indirectly:

  • disrupt or interrupt networks connected to the Website or third party servers;
  • not conform to all Internet network regulations and procedures;
  • hamper use of the Website;
  • copy, alter, modify or interfere with the Website, its use or its content;
  • use the Website for illegal purposes, forbidden under the GTU or which infringe the rights of 21ST CENTURY BOY or third-party, neither shall you encourage such acts.


You undertake not to use ‘deep-link’, ‘page-scrape’, ‘robot’, ‘spider’ or any other means, program, method or algorithm which could interfere with the proper functioning of the Website, nor to copy, access or obtain in any way any information, document or material which has not intentionally been made accessible via the Website.


You shall not interfere with the use of the Website by third parties, for example by trying to obtain access to personal details or passwords or to trace information concerning third parties who have accessed the Website.


You shall not test the capacity or the vulnerability of the Website and shall refrain from any act which may or is likely to damage its security or integrity. You also undertake not to act in any way, which may overload the Website’s bandwidth usage.


Article 5 – Privacy Policy


21ST CENTURY BOY gives special attention to the compliance with privacy laws.


You can consult its Privacy Policy by clicking on the following link:  HERE and its cookies policy here.


Article 6 – Hyperlinks


21ST CENTURY BOY reserves the right to refuse hyperlinks referring to the Website, at its sole discretion. 21ST CENTURY BOY’s decisions in this regard are made at its own discretion and may not be appealed.  They do not allow the right to any indemnity or other form of compensation in favour of the users concerned.


The absence of reaction of 21ST CENTURY BOY in case of hyperlinks referring to the Website shall neither be construed as a validation of this use, nor be understood as a license on the Website content, nor make 21ST CENTURY BOY liable in any way whatsoever regarding the website operating the hyperlink. 


Any website linking to the Website shall, at least, commit to: 

  • respect the intellectual property of 21ST CENTURY BOY on the Website and its content;
  • not harm the reputation of the Website, or the products or information on the Website;
  • not create the impression that the two websites are linked in any way whatsoever;
  • take the entire responsibility in the case of damage or loss caused to the Website, whether these are directly or indirectly linked to it; 
  • guarantee that the use of a hyperlink to the Website is not illegal under applicable law;
  • not create hyperlink from a website containing information which could be the subject of action for slander, libel or pirating, or for any other infringement of the rights and interests of third parties;
  • indemnify 21ST CENTURY BOY in the event of action by a third party following non-compliance with the GTU or access to the Website via the hyperlink; 
  • all other conditions laid down by 21ST CENTURY BOY shall be respected, if any;


Article 7 – Links to other sites. By clicking on them, you leave Mustii’s Website


7.1. The Website may contain links to a Mustii page, a Mustii account, … created on other platforms (hereafter the “Linked Websites”). They are made available for your convenience. These Linked Websites are not under 21ST CENTURY BOY’s control. You choose to access these Linked Websites under your own responsibility and without prior warning. You are invited to consult the terms of use, the cookies policy and the privacy policy of these Linked Websites. A pop-up should appear when accessing these Linked Websites without being connected to your account on these Linked Websites. 21ST CENTURY BOY cannot control the foregoing and these information are purely indicative.


By clicking on the links, you leave the Website. 21ST CENTURY BOY does not accept any responsibility in this regard.


21ST CENTURY BOY draw your attention on the importance of the configuration of an account created on these platforms regarding, inter alia, the confidentiality and the processing of personal data.

For your convenience, you will find the privacy policy and cookies policy of Facebook, Instagram and other platforms mentioned on the Website by clicking on the following links : 


You are invited to check that these documents or links have not been changed. If need be, you are invited to search for the potential new links by yourself.   


7.2. Without prejudice of the foregoing, the Website may contain links to third-party websites or platform, and in particular the operators of concerts ticket sales or merchandising sales (“Third-party Websites”). These Third-party Websites are made available for your convenience and are not under 21ST CENTURY BOY’s control. Consequently, 21ST CENTURY BOY cannot be held accountable for their content and the information contained therein. 21ST CENTURY BOY is not responsible of the contractual relationship between you and the Third-party Website, notably if you purchase merchandising or tickets related to a concert, an event, … on these Third-party Websites. You choose to access these Third-party Websites under your own responsibility, without prior warning. You are invited to consult the terms and conditions, the cookies policy and the privacy policy of these Third-party Websites.


Article 8 – User’s comments, feedbacks and other submissions


You may send comments, creative ideas, suggestions, proposals, plans, or other materials, to 21ST CENTURY BOY whether by email or by postal mail. You agree that 21ST CENTURY BOY may, at any time, without restriction, exploit, reproduce, adapt, edit, copy, publish, distribute, translate and otherwise use in any medium any comments, ideas, material and suggestions that you have communicated, alone or with other ideas. 21ST CENTURY BOY is and shall be in no situation obliged to maintain any comments confidential, nor to pay compensation for any of the foregoing, nor to respond to any comments.


Article 9 – Limitation of liability – Force majeure

9.1. If, despite the provisions of the present GTU, 21ST CENTURY BOY should be held responsible for any damage or loss resulting from or connected to the use of the Website or of its Content, 21ST CENTURY BOY’s liability may under no circumstances exceed €1,000.


You agree to cover 21ST CENTURY BOY, its employees, eligible parties, agents, affiliates, subcontractors and partners against any action, loss, claim, compensation or indemnification (including legal fees) brought against 21ST CENTURY BOY in particular by any third party, relating to or as a consequence of your use of the Website.


9.2. You accept to be subject to the provisions concerning the Force Majeure. Force majeure consists of any event characterised by externality, irresistibility and unpredictability, as recognised by the jurisprudence of courts and tribunals, that would prevent one of the party or both to perform all or part of its/their commitments contained herein. 


Article 10 – Proofs


The computer files saved by 21ST CENTURY BOY shall be considered as valid evidences of the communications occurred. Said files shall have evidential force until proven otherwise. Informatics or electronic data are construed as valid evidences as such and are admissible in the same conditions and with the same evidential force as any paper document.


21ST CENTURY BOY has no obligation to keep the data. 


Article 11 – Violation of the GTU 


21ST CENTURY BOY may communicate all information regarding you (including your identity) to the public authorities, if necessary in the event of complaint or investigations concerning your use of the Website that does not comply with the present GTU or applicable law.
To this end, 21ST CENTURY BOY may preserve all forms, data and information that you have provided via the Website, in compliance with the present GTU and its Privacy policy.


This shall also be the case in the event of a need to identify, contact or bring legal action against a person harming or interfering with the Website or 21ST CENTURY BOY’s rights, third-party rights or the rights of other users of the Website.


21ST CENTURY BOY thus reserves the right to reveal at any time any information deemed necessary under applicable law, pursuant to a judgement or a legal petition by the public authorities.


21ST CENTURY BOY may freely and without notice terminate access to the Website of any user who violates the terms of the present GTU, of its Privacy policy or of any other code of conduct relating to the use of the Website, or at the request of the public authorities.


Any violation of the GTU shall be considered, amongst others, an act of unfair trading and a breach of contract which calls for financial or other compensation, depending on which is deemed by 21ST CENTURY BOY to be most appropriate.  


In the event that 21ST CENTURY BOY is forced to bring legal action against you due to violation of the GTU, you shall be obliged to reimburse to 21ST CENTURY BOY all costs which incurs to the latter in this regard, including legal fees and all other costs and expenses, in addition to the compensation due to 21ST CENTURY BOY for the harm suffered.


Article 12  Nullity of a provision


In the event that one or more of the clauses contained in this GTU should be considered null and void by a court of law, only the minimum shall be considered invalid and shall be replaced by valid clauses which better respect the objective of the present GTU. 


Article 13 – Applicable legislation and litigation


The GTU are governed entirely by Belgian law, as well as all relationships between 21ST CENTURY BOY and you, in particular in the context of your use of this Website.


In the event of litigation concerning, in particular, the validity, the interpretation or the execution of those GTU or the use of the Website, only French-speaking courts and tribunals in the district of Brussels shall be competent, and shall use French language.


Article 14 – Contact information


You may contact 21ST CENTURY BOY at the following email address: hello@mustiimusic.com 


Registered offices : rue de la Glacière 21 at 1060 Brussels Belgium

BCE : 0899.146.151

VAT : BE0899.146.151


Version 1.1 – 16/11/2021